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New Rules for U.S. Military Intervention
Primed Against Primacy: The Restraint Constituency and U.S. Foreign Policy
Restrained Strategy, Lower Military Budgets
No More of the Same: The Problem with Primacy
Britain and the Fate of the Europe We Know
Turkey’s Syria Intervention: No Guarantee of Easy Victory at al-Bab
Political Airpower, Part I: Say No to the No-Fly Zone
Playing the Blues: A Professional Peacekeeping Force for an Age of Violent Extremism
The Arc of History is Long, But it Bends Toward Bombing Assad
Giving Intelligence Analysts Their Voices Back: The Case for Analyst Perspectives

Why the Flying IED Threat Has Barely Started
Whodunnit? Russia and Coercion through Cyberspace
Air-Sea Battle and Naval Strategy: Looking Forward or Looking Back?
The Pentagon’s Virtuous Insurgency
After the Battle for Mosul, Get Ready for the Islamic State to Go Underground
The Democratization of Airpower: The Insurgent and the Drone