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New Rules for U.S. Military Intervention
Primed Against Primacy: The Restraint Constituency and U.S. Foreign Policy
Restrained Strategy, Lower Military Budgets
No More of the Same: The Problem with Primacy
It is Time to Drive a Stake into the Heart of the American Credibility Myth
What Coup-Proofing Will Do to Turkey’s Military: Lessons From Five Countries
The Pentagon’s Fig Tree: Reforming The Military Health System
Civ-Mil Relations in the U.S. and Strategy Tales from Australia
The Coming of the Russian Jihad: Part I
Charting Boko Haram’s Rapid Decline

Turkey’s Brain Drain: Purges and Fear are Driving Turkish Scholars Out of the Country
North Korea’s Bite is About to be as Bad as its Bark
The Ghosts of Soviets Past: Unearthing the Memory of Occupation in Estonia
The Phantom Menace: When Threat Capabilities Are Made Up
China’s Artificial Islands Are Bigger (And a Bigger Deal) Than You Think
New Rules for U.S. Military Intervention